Whenever an all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class makes its debut, it's a big deal. A really big deal.

That's because the three-pointed star's flagship has always been at the forefront of the latest technology. I don't have the list with me, but the S has been the car that's been the arbiter of many firsts.

So, when I recently read this FASCINATING story about the next-gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class' interior, I knew you had to check it out. While it's always a bit of a pain to speak with product planning or lead designers at automakers — there's only so much they can reveal — once and a while you'll get a nugget out of them.

From this conversation with Auto Express, Mercedes' lead interior designer gave us some ideas:

- Gesture control may make its way into the next-gen S; however, it will be limited
- No pop-up screens
- 3D printing will come to automobile production, provided there's a business case
- One-piece seats and one-piece HVAC vents are having their kinks worked out
- Don't expect Mercedes to take creative license from Audi's instrument cluster

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Some excerpts from Auto Express' interview are below:

... Mercedes is already experimenting with a raft of new technology for the next-gen S-Class, due on sale in 2018. Among the innovations being investigated are gesture controls, 3D-printed trim pieces, plus lightweight one-piece seats and one-piece air vents...

“Yes, we are working [on gesture controls] for some functions, but of course, using hand signals is not right for everything”, Kaul explained miming hand gestures. “For example, if you are inputting a destination to the navigation, this is easier with voice recognition or a menu than gestures. But it is something we are continuing to work on, and you will see it soon...

“No, we cannot [have a detachable tablet screen] because of safety”, Kaus says. “We cannot have screens coming loose in a crash and causing an injury, so it must be very solidly fixed. Raising the screen [above the dashboard] keeps it in the driver’s line of sight...

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