One thing that Mercedes-Benz prides itself on more than anything else is how the company develops an all-new product. Given that Mercedes has an obscene budget for Research & Development, the three-pointed star really puts its vehicles through the ringer.

On the same day that technology giant, Apple, teased its product debut for September 9, Mercedes-Benz did the same thing. Mercedes will show off the all-new AMG GT on September 9.

Talk about a day that will have some serious headline battles!

If you're interested in geeky facts about how much effort Mercedes has put into the development of the all-new AMG GT, feel free to check out the clip below. And, buckle up your seat belts for a wild September. I have a feeling it's going to be one helluva ride.

How much wrapping foil do you need to develop a sports car? Get specific insights to the development of the Mercedes-AMG GT!

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VIDEO: A Debut Date For The All-New Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Is Cemented

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