In the automotive universe, there are plenty of car collectors that are highly regarded. To name a few, there's Jay Leno, Tim Allen, James Glickenhaus, Ralph Lauren, etc.

More or less, these guys are celebrity car collectors. There's more, especially where you wouldn't expect them.

Although a lot of folks like to knock the state where I call home, New Jersey, a self-made businessman has an extensive collection of custom and uniquely optioned vehicles in a massive garage. And while it may be a bit zany, there's also more secretive lairs, like Sam Mann who lives nearby. His collection can be characterized as a $100 bill collection. There's a lot of guys out there with a ton of $1s, but this gentleman's Pebble Beach winners — notice the plural — will destroy them.

Anyhow, a Tennessee-based collection may have what it takes to blow your mind. That's because this collector has a thing for the color yellow. If the 30-40 cars don't do it for you, then check this out. He has a thing for nabbing the last model built.

Just to whet your appetite, the following are in store if you check out the clip below:

- 288 GTO
- Enzo
- 512M
- 512BBi
- 360 Challenge Stradale
- and MUCH, much more...

**To see the clip, click on the video below!

VIDEO: Get An INSIDE Look At One Of The World's PREMIERE Ferrari Collections

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