As a result the driving experience is sharper and more engaging than TTs of old. The 2.0-litre TFSI engine is punchy and smooth, delivering enough performance for the front-wheel drive model to hit 62mph in just six seconds. Opt for the quattro S tronic and the TT shaves this to 5.3 seconds. With very smooth stability control intervention and a clever electric differential the front-drive TT has surprisingly good traction, while the revised quattro drivetriain in AWD versions has been designed to offer even more agility and all-weather grip.

However, for all the exterior’s familiar and classy looks it’s the cabin that’s the real highlight. Stunningly designed and beautifully executed, the interior is focused around Audi’s superb Virtual Cockpit system. This 12.3-inch high-resolution LCD driver display replaces both the conventional dials and centre stack screen, allowing for a sleek minimalist dash design that’s both sporty and class-leadingly upmarket.

The screen itself is crystal clear and places all information in front of the driver. The display can be switched between Classic View – with prominent speedo and rev counter or Infotainment View, which brings functions like the navigation map to the fore. Telephone, media, trip and car settings functions all appear on the Virtual Cockpit screen and can be controlled using both the touch sensitive MMI controller or the multi-function wheel. The clarity of the screen combined with the dual-functionality of the controls, makes Audi’s Virtual Cockpit a real joy to use.

As you’d expect in a TT, material quality is superb throughout the cabin with tactile and beautifully executed switchgear. Circular air vents with the control function and display for the air conditioning integrated into them are another highlight. The central trio feature the temperature, airflow and fan speed control, while the outer pair by the doors have the control for the optional heated seats.

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2015 Audi TT Driven: Sports Car Fun, Revolutionary Class-Leading Interior, Exceptional Quality - A Sign Of Audi's Future Products?

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