Likely there's a chance that if you spend enough time on our website you're a fan of automotive programming. And, if we're honest, there's not much out there that's top notch.

Except Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, that is. And maybe a couple of other stragglers.

Although many folks would simply think it's a production heavy on jokes, light on cars and starring too much of Seinfeld, you'd be wrong. It's actually a well balanced show that delves into the craft of comedy. Yes, the cars get a good amount of air time too.

Probably my favorite thing about the show are the shining moments when it seems the guest forgets the camera is on and shows a side of themselves we may not have seen before. The schtick is dropped and something real happens.

Anyway, the show's been off the air for a bit and though Seinfeld says he likes to take his time producing another season, it seems he's on the road again. In these snapped shots he's seen with Amy Schumer who's known for her show on Comedy Central. I had the pleasure of seeing her at the Comedy Cellar and homegirl definitely brings it.

That said, can you guess the car pictured below?

I tried to crop it so you can see just enough without giving it away. Don't cheat now!

Who does this guy think he is, parking his yellow hot-rod right in front of a pump on West 93d street and West End Avenue, in his tight blazer and basketball sneakers?

Oh, that’s Jerry Seinfeld, filming Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Amy Schumer, that’s who...

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