You know, I am tired of hearing people make the argument that famous people do not have a right to privacy. That's just bullsh!t, in this writer's opinion.

It's one thing to photograph or video a person's ride — famous or not — it's another to loiter and shout stupid comments at them to get a reaction.


If there's one thing that's well known in the automotive community it is that legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a hankering for Porsches. He has a great relationship with the brand — duh — because of his love for the marque and, as you'd expect, he's picked up the company's latest piece of metal. That would be the epic 918 Spyder.

Seen in Malibu, Seinfeld seems to be taking a couple buds for joy rides while enjoying a nice day chatting with some folks. Just an ordinary guy with a serious piece of kit.

**Check out Seinfeld's beautifully spec'd out 918 and don't mind the douchebag in the video below!

Jerry Seinfeld takes his brand new $1 Million amazing Porsche Spyder Hybrid out to get lunch with friends in Malibu, CA. Before taking off, Seinfeld confronts a man who gets too close to the car with his camera, but ends up shaking hands.

VIDEO: Comedians In Cars Getting Hassled — Jerry Seinfeld Breaks Out His BEAUTIFUL BLUE Porsche 918 Spyder And Has To Deal With THIS

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