The new Audi TT reeks of quality – even more so than before. Its interior is Audi’s best yet – no mean feat – yet underneath, this entry-level petrol engine, quattro drivetrain and automatic gearbox are a sensationally efficient and powerful combination. Other sports cars are more interactive, but as an all-round, everyday feel-good coupe, the new TT is simply sublime. If only it had a more obvious new exterior look to herald its improvements more proudly

Welcome to our first taste of the new Audi TT in the UK, and how’s this for a sign of confidence from Audi that this TT can finally graduate to true sports car status? The venue for our test drive isn’t the sort of trendy urban boulevard many TTs will make their stomping ground, but rather the highlands of Scotland, on some of the best, most challenging roads in the British Isles. Audi even booked a torrential downpour to give its quattro-drive coupe the hardest possible workout.

That said, the TT’s first impression is the wondrous interior. Our test car was immaculately finished, with real attention to detail in the jet-like air vents and flat-bottomed steering wheel design. The 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit screen is genius – perhaps not as immediately intuitive – learning your way around the menus takes time – but once you’re inducted, a normal dashboard seems archaic.

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Auto Express Says The 2015 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro Is a Sublime Everyday All-Around Feel-Good Coupe

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