If you're like us and a fan of Jerry Seinfeld's web-based series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, then you are likely to be jacked up for season five of the much acclaimed show. Last we left off, Seinfeld was sitting with "Dick Corcoran" but it seems there wasn't a follow up, yet.

Instead we've got the trailer. We'll take that.

From the looks of things, we're sure this will be one of the most interesting seasons yet as the talent and vehicles get even MORE colorful than before. Take, for example, a lot of the new comedians that are making waves in comedy and are set to pick up where the older folks left off. If you watch the clip below you'll see Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart and my personal favorite, Bill Burr.

If you haven't seen Bill Burr's 12 minute rant about Philadelphia, I highly suggest you watch it and then YouTube his appearances on Opie & Anthony. His brand of humor is sensational.

In addition to the well established comedy contingent, Seinfeld also has thrown us a curveball as he will have on a YouTube star — a first. Dubbed Miranda Sings, it seems to be a parody account where the girl sings awfully, wears awful makeup and, frankly, looks awful. Of course she seems to be appearing in character, but I hope Seinfeld can do what he usually does in these episodes and actually speak with the comedienne out of character and show us something special.

Now, the cars. I believe I see the following:

- Vintage two-tone Chevrolet Corvette
- Ford Mustang Boss 302
- Porsche 550 Spyder
- Ferrari Daytona

Can you name the others?

Check out Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee's season five trailer, below!

VIDEO: TEASED! Jerry Seinfeld Releases The Trailer To Season 5 Of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee! Most Wild Season Yet?

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