We can say a lot of things about the new crop of muscle cars and if you thought performance was dead after the 70's then you have been a sleep over the last few years.
500 HP was the top of the game just a few years ago, now it seems every was has that number in the bag and 700 is the number to meet.  This is all fine with all of the electronic nannies in the latest models, you have to do something really foolish to get into trouble. 

But back In the good old days even 300 ponies had to be treated with respect.  Plus you have to admit these oldies still have quite a bit of character.

So do the new cars match the cool factor of the original muscle cars? Check these examples out and tell us if Old School is still cool?

**The 2014 SEMA Show galleries are sponsored by Lexus

2014 SEMA Show

2014 SEMA Show

#SEMAShow: Old School Is Still Cool, And SEMA Packs In Plenty Of Lessons With A Crop Of Classics

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