It looks like Lexus has been bitten by the same interior design bug that's been eating away at the German auto builders for years. It's the minimalist bug.

While the exterior of the all-new Lexus LF-C2 Concept was edgy and in-your-face, the interior seems to be more of a spa-like atmosphere. Note the cool interior colors of white and gray? Looking at the center console and stack, it's clear that this is a place of simplicity.

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show #LAAS

It appears Lexus will be moving to ditch the mouse-like clicker in its current-gen products in favor of a touch pad, I can't figure out if the center stack is using a touchscreen for the bottom functions or if that too will be controlled via the touch pad.

What is nice to see is that the interior isn't lifted from the IS/RC. It seems to evoke a more luxurious vibe that's far less Toyota and more GS. This is a good thing.

All that said, have you spotted ANYTHING else different?

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show #LAAS

An excerpt from Lexus' press release follows:

...Step inside, and the LF-C2 treats its occupants to a luxurious and spacious cabin that flawlessly matches the sporty elegance of the exterior. The exterior extends into the cabin as the center console originates from the rear deck and runs down the length of the cabin all the way to the dashboard. The dashboard design is presents functional simplicity with an attractive-yet-straightforward instrument cluster, a central video monitor controlled by a Remote Touchpad on the center console and a classically-styled analog clock placed between the central air vents. The thick leather-wrapped steering wheel implies that this is a driver’s car, as do the form-fitting seats.

The LF-C2’s interior designers opted to instill a balanced atmosphere of power and simplicity that harmonizes with our primary senses. White-and-gray leather surfaces are soft to the touch while LED lights that run along the length of the interior below the windows. The inviting cabin of the LF-C2 blends the open-air excitement that results from an eye-catching roadster blended with a heavy dose of Lexus luxury...

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2014 Los Angeles Auto Show #LAAS

#LAAUTOSHOW: BEST REAL-LIFE Shots Of The Lexus LF-C2's INTERIOR #LAAS — Notice Anything DIFFERENT From Today's Lexus'?

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