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The latest is coming to us from Germany via our friend Toldi. He's the man when it comes to filming, snapping and spying anything in the Stuttgart area.

It seems he may have stumbled across a duesey.

That's because he snapped photographs of what may be an all-new M3/M4 variant. If you take a look at his YouTube clip below, you'll see what I mean. Although the snaps aren't exactly the best, no spy shot really is unless it's high-res and at the Nürburgring.

From what I can tell, it appears to be a 4-Series Gran Coupe body that has an extra exhaust outlet and a lot of camouflage covering its roofline. To me, there's only two possible options in this situation:

1) It's an M4 Gran Coupe, which would make sense given the M6 has a Gran Coupe offering; or,
2) It's a leftover 435i Gran Coupe that's simply doing durability testing, which is not completely uncommon, though it's a stretch.

All that considered, what do YOU believe it is?

Scope out the video below and weigh in!

New BMW 4 series / M4 barely disguise prototype filmed near Stuttgart (Germany).

SPIED: FIRST Proof That Another M3/M4 Variant Is ON THE WAY? Mystery BMW Spotted In Stuttgart

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