Although we brought you the latest images of the all-new BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, we were thinking this needs to be seen to be believed. There was just one problem:

How the hell do we do that if there's not one single video online? Thankfully, some one posted a clip onto YouTube and voila(!) we've got the FIRST REAL clip of the all-new lights in action.

(NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show

The first cilp shows you the product demonstration as BMW has set it up at this year's CES event. The second clip is a especially brief tease of the lights in action.


**The 2015 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus

(NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show

(NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show

#CES: VIDEO! BMW's M4 Concept Iconic Lights IN ACTION! No Need To Go To Vegas Now!

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