I made sure as we entered 2015 that I debriefed you on the Top 007 picks and Top 007 disappointments of 2014. There were seven winners and seven losers.

I wonder how many automakers are going to blacklist me now? Unfortunately that's very much so a possibility though they'll never admit it. That wasn't my goal. My goal is simply to provide our readers with the best possible buying information. We'll see what happens in 2015.

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Although you may have thought I was through, I am not done just yet. Oh no. There's one category I saved for this weekend, just before the 2015 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) kicks into high gear. That, my friends, would be the high-end hardware.

Frankly, this is a class of vehicles that are so damn good — and expensive — that it's really unfair to list them among the regular cars here at

As noted in other Top 007 posts, this is completely subjective and based on vehicles I had the opportunity to pilot in 2014. If I didn't drive it, it's not included. We take pride in our thoughts, which are based on experience and not bias/conjecture.

That said, let's get to the winners:

1) Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
2) Ferrari 458 Spider
3) Rolls-Royce Wraith
4) Ferrari FF
5) Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible
6) Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet
7) Bentley Flying Spur

1) Aston Martin V12 Vantage S: Let's cut to the chase. There are far more advanced, better built and more reliable supercars out there, but to me a big part of the high-end automotive experience is the way the vehicle makes you feel. When I get behind the steering wheel of an Aston Martin there is something to it that I simply don't get in other autos. There's always a sense of occasion when you drive an Aston and the V12 Vantage S is not any different. Everything about this particular Aston is heightened as it's the company's most hardcore offering. It feels a bit raw. The S' suspension is super stiff, the V12 motor howls beautifully and the steering actually communicates with you — good luck finding that in any other of today's sports cars. Although I am sure the consensus will not agree with me, if I had the means this is what I'd get above all else. In this spec.

2) Ferrari 458 Spider: Now if you ARE looking for one of the most advanced supercars, then look no further. The boys and girls from Maranello are operating at the top of their game and it's completely astounding how far this company has come since the likes of the mid 1990s when the F355 was practically a kit car — it's still my favorite. If you want to know what makes the 458 SO remarkable, it's the way this mid-rear engined sports car goes through the twisties. The crazy red head I drove stunned me because body roll is virtually non existent and the vehicle is so eager to please. There's no other way to describe it other than it feels as though the motor is strapped to your back. The best part? You can drive it at 10/10ths like a Porsche Cayman and it won't kill you. The difference though is that it has about 560 horsepower, not to mention it is much more vivacious and it makes you smile yourself stupid as you plant your foot into the throttle and snap a shift. Sidebar: this car needs the Novitec Rosso exhaust system to really open it up. 

3) Rolls-Royce Wraith: A lot of people ask me if über luxury vehicles, like Rolls-Royces, are worth it. It's a good question. To be honest though it's tough to convince someone how other worldly the marque's vehicles are unless you take them for a ride. There's NOTHING else like it. Not the all-new S-Class, not a Bentley. Zippo. A Rolls-Royce is in a league of its own. In 2014 I had the good fortune of piloting a Phantom as well as a Phantom Drophead Coupe; however, those aren't the best offerings even though their respective prices would have you thinking otherwise. The all-new Wraith is. That's because this vehicle has an incredibly powerful V12 good for about 620 horsepower on board, and it boasts the latest technology. Although I am sure some would say it's a departure from the marque's design and ethos, it really isn't. I adore its elegant, fastback design and the way the company tuned its motor it's a work of art. Even if you mash the accelerator there's zero drama and you're away. Comfort is the most critical factor in a Roller and the Wraith has it is spades. You don't ride in a Wraith, you glide. And, my God don't even get me started on the attention to detail and quality of the materials. The optional veneered door panels are literally the most beautiful detail I've ever seen in any automobile.

4) Ferrari FF: Maranello's modern take on the four-seater Ferrari is an interesting one. Sporting a hatchback design a lot of folks have likened it to a modern day interpretation of "the breadvan." I don't see it that way anymore. Now I think of it as Ferrari's way of putting its neck on the line to avoid producing another 400/456/612 that's value will sink faster than a mafioso wearing a pair of cement shoes in the East River. Whether or not it has worked has yet to be seen. What I do know, however, is that this is one of the most amazing grand tourers I have ever piloted. Equipped with Ferrari's first all-wheel drive system and a sledgehammer of a V12, it's more than adequate for any situation. What made it stand out to me though isn't the fact it's a remarkable drive. It's the flexibility and amount of luxury packed into this F car. You can daily drive this Ferrari if you want to and the quality of the materials is jaw droppingly good. If you want to take a trip into New York City and deal with the Meatpacking District's cobblestone, no problem. Hit the steering wheel-located "bumpy road" suspension button and it will ride just as soft as a Bentley Continental GT.  Want a more radical experience? Put it into Sport mode and sit back for the V12 symphony. If you're a Continental GT owner looking to trade up for another all-wheel drive vehicle with utility, this is what you should set your sights on.

Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible: Wasn't that a nice segue? Every year the Continental GT gets a bit older and bit longer in the tooth. Before getting behind the wheel of the all-new V8 S, I thought this Flying B was thoroughly played out. I thought wrong. The all-new V8 S is hands down the best variant of the Continental the company's built yet. The V8 motor is immense, the handling — for a heavyweight — is relatively in check and the build quality is probably the best of any auto I've ever had the pleasure of being in. You can tell that Bentley's quality control department is exceptionally neurotic. I appreciate that as a critic and I most definitely would appreciate it if I were plonking down the kind of money one of these autos cost. As in every Continental GT, the infotainment system needs some serious work but we're confident this will be completely overhauled when the all-new replacement comes along.

6) Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet: What can I say? The Porsche 911 is, arguably, one of the greatest sports cars of all time. It's a brilliant, brilliant machine. But if 400 horsepower isn't enough you need to dial it up. That's where the Turbo comes in. But if you're looking for even more grunt and still want to retain all-wheel drive, the Turbo S is what you're really after. The Cabrio is particularly nice if you want the wind in your hair. What makes the Turbo S so stunning is how unbelievably fast it is. Because this vehicle has AWD, launch control and the fast-shifting, dual-clutch PDK transmission, you hit 60 mph in a nauseating amount of time. Some testers have clocked it doing zero to 60 in 2.7 or so seconds. You'll believe it when you stretch out its legs. For me, I equate it to a space shuttle launch. You hear the revs build up and BOOM(!) you're getting pinned to the seat until the driver lets off the "go" pedal. Here's the crazy thing: It will keep doing it for as long as you want. I just wish the Turbo models had a better sound — all you hear is the car whooshing and sucking in air. 

7) Bentley Flying Spur: Newly revamped, the Flying Spur is no longer a Continental GT with four doors. Now it has its own image and is a proper luxury sedan in its own right. As mentioned above with the Continental GT V8 S Convertible, the build quality is off the charts in the latest Bentleys. It really is something to behold. But what may shock you is if you ever get the chance to drive one in the snow. I lucked out because during my time with the Bentley, a snow storm dropped a few inches of powder on the ground. While a Bentley is an impressive vehicle in its own right, driving one with four to six inches of snow in the street, and having it be so confidence inspiring and reassuring is another thing. All you do is raise the vehicle's ride height and go. It was like having a Range Rover, except everyone nearly collapsed when a quarter million dollars churned past them in a State of Emergency due to blizzard conditions. Easily one of the most memorable driving experiences I've had to date.

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