The sneaker industry is a massive one. And if you weren't aware, it is unbelievably competitive. As a former athlete that competed in basketball's rigorous AAU circuit, I can attest to some seriously crazy moves sneaker companies do to try and lure the latest and greatest talent.

They will do just about anything to get an athlete to sign with their brand before they blow up. That's why these companies sponsor high school teams, private league teams and are more than happy to provide free gear provided they can somehow get a return on their investment.

With the NFL Combine coming up, Addidas clearly decided it needed to be aggressive in attracting talent to sign on the dotted line before the big day. That's why the company is offering the top three fastest 40-yard dash runners Porsche 911s — provided they sign with Addidas BEFORE the trial.

The athletes will sport a specific pair of Addidas cleats that are clad with the image of a cheetah on them. The car will be wrapped to match and be equipped with a set of gold-ish wheels.

For those of you not in the loop about the NFL and its draft process, the Combine is essentially a series of tests/events pre-draft that help NFL scouts benchmark the latest class trying to make it big in the professional league.

The NFL Scouting Combine is a great opportunity for prospects to help their draft stock. But this year it's also a chance for some of the fastest players wearing Adidas' new custom cleats to get themselves a new car.

Adidas is running a promotion that will award custom Porsche 911s to the three players who run the fastest 40-yard dashes at the combine. The offer is open to any prospects who sign with Adidas and wear their new Uncaged Adizero 5-Star 4.0 cleats, which are pictured above...

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Addidas Trying To LURE NFL Prospects To Sign With Shoe Empire Via Porsche 911s

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