These days it's rare for a major auto manufacturer to keep an all-new product under wraps. Usually there's teasers, videos and in some awful cases "the slow reveal." Ford decided to take the high road with its all-new Ford GT though.

The Blue Oval decided to keep it as top secret as possible. This way, spies couldn't get a hold of it pre-launch at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS).

This meant the company had to take actions not typically seen with product development.

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It's a Duesey, enjoy!

For 14 months, Ford Motor Co. managed to conceal a 600-hp secret in an unassuming basement storage room.

Just a small number of employees had keys -- actual metal keys were used, rather than Ford's standard-issue electronic ID cards -- and much of the work happened at night. When the team of six designers, who couldn't tell family and friends what they were doing, needed to see their creation in natural light or from more than a few feet away, they surreptitiously hauled it outside on weekends when no one else was around...

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(NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show

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The Story Of HOW Ford Kept The All-New GT TOP SECRET For Over One Year

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