If you haven't noticed around here, we're pretty positive when it comes to anything related to the 2015 Ford F-150. We think this pick-up truck is simply the best. No ands, ifs or buts will change that perception.

Hell, Agent 001 adored it so much he was one of the first customers to take delivery in his neck of the woods.

2015 Chicago Auto Show

But like most products that have a HUGE following, there comes a time when a buyer may be mulling it over: "what if?" This can lead to good modding or bad modding. It's your pick, really.

Displayed at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show was a stand manned by a company, Tuscany. It was showing off what it's calling the FTX. In other words, it's a highly modified Ford F-150.

Now we already know the F-150 is a stellar stock product. So, I have to ask: does it even make sense to mod the F-150?

**Learn MORE about the Tuscany FTX HERE!

2015 Chicago Auto Show

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#CAS15: Does It Even Make SENSE To Modify The All-New Ford F-150?

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