At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, we saw an outpouring of all-new product debuts and introductions. Many of them were impressive, some were far from it. And though there was plenty to see and talk about, we have to admit that we were a bit struck by the Volvo XC90.

Yes, still.

Even though the all-new Volvo sport-utility vehicle made its debut long ago, we still were happy to see it, feel around and take in all the goodness of that matte blue R-Design model on the stand.

But, this is one of the first moments of truth for the XC90: how is it?

Our friends across the pond at Autocar recently slipped behind the wheel and had the chance to sample it. Below you'll find the publication's very first impressions.

Essentially, here's the Cliff Notes:

- It does ALL the great things the last-gen XC90 used to do — plenty of utility
- Brilliant design
- Great, fast infotainment unit, but can be a bit annoying with some controls
- Driving dynamics and refinement were not on Volvo's list of top priorities

To see the FULL clip, click on the video below!

The Volvo XC90 is as significant as new cars come, replacing a 13-year-old model and featuring a design and technology that will be rolled out across the entire Volvo range over the next few years. Matt Prior has now driven the crucial new seven-seat SUV; watch on for his first verdict.

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DRIVEN + VIDEO: The Verdict Is IN! FIRST Video Review OF The All-New Volvo XC90

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