Although we do talk a lot about new cars here on AutoSpies, the reality is a significant portion of the buying public chooses to pick up a used set of wheels. It makes sense, too! Why buy new and take the depreciation hit? Let someone else do that for you!

Of course this can be a bit of a conundrum if you fancy German or Italian automobiles. Simply put, we all know they can be problematic. As we want to keep this a more broad discussion, let's focus on the Germans.

Audi and BMW are known for their electrical nannies and silly problems — like drooping window seals. Mercedes-Benz's vehicles used to be pretty bulletproof; however, in recent years that's shifted. Regardless of any Benz problem, you know one thing is certain: it will be expensive to rectify. And Volkswagen, well, it can be hit or miss. Either you get a gem or a complete dud.

What I've found over time, from my experiences as well as friends, is that it really comes down to specific model years and specific generations when choosing a used German car.

That said, WHICH do YOU trust enough to BUY when you're on the market?

Let us know in the comments below!

WHICH USED German Car(s) Do YOU Trust Enough To BUY?

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