Marc Lichte took over as head of design at Audi in February 2014, and his influence can be seen already in the brand’s two most recent show cars, the Prologue coupe from Los Angeles and the Prologue Avant that was unveiled at Geneva. In an interview at the latter show, the former VW designer told us what to take away from the new concepts, explained the importance of the next-generation A8, and tipped his hand regarding other future products as well.

The next A8 will be the first car designed from scratch under Lichte. It also will usher in a new era for Audi design. As the chief designer notes, the arrival of what Audi calls its single-frame grille, in 2004, established the current look for the brand. “But after 10 years and after one- or one-and-a-half generations of cars, now is the time do to a bigger step,” he says.

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Audi Design Boss Lichte: Future A8, A7 and A6 To Be Heavily Influenced BY Prologue Concepts

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