A quiet mountain road curling up from the Mediterranean and away from the madness of Marbella is the venue for this enticing bout, and the challenger, the lurid colour of a minion, is the new Audi TTS. Here to give it a hard time is Porsche’s latest Cayman, the GTS, and a delectable Italian that’s utterly focused on the purity of driving, the carbonfibre Alfa Romeo 4C.

A tough test for the TTS? You bet, but it’s a measure of the regard in which we hold this third-generation Audi icon that we’re not down on the seafront with some flabby coupe-cabrios like the BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK, but rather up here in the peaks with a pair of proper sports cars. And this might oversimplify the synergies between members of the VW Group, but as the TTS and Golf R effectively share the same turbo engine, twin-clutch gearbox, four-wheel drive system and (acronym fans rejoice!) MQB platform, with the latter the greatest hot hatch on sale right now, just squeezing its oily bits into the tighter confines of a coupe’s corset-like body should de facto create a contender. 

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The Triple Threat: Audi TTS vs Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman GTS

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