It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The 2015 New York Auto Show (NYIAS) came and went, though I must admit it felt extraordinarily fast this time around. It may have been due to the pre-show releases leading up to the event, or it could have been the fact it wasn't so boring this year.

Yes, the New York Auto Show can be boring. Remember, it is geared for consumers looking to buy basic vehicles. It's not a Geneva, Paris or Frankfurt Motor Show.

Best of the New York Auto Show

This year was different though. That's because there was a bit of excitement rather than us trying to figure out how the newly refreshed Volkswagen Jetta differed from the previous year.

Hell, Honda brought a BRIGHT GREEN Civic Concept and McLaren invested in a monster stand! Oh, and how can I forget. This show will go down in history as the event where Lincoln finally showed it still can produce a vehicle that melts everyone's heart.

Rather than have me ramble on though, I think it's best to just let you take a look-see via 001's masterful captures, below!

The 2015 New York Auto Show Photo Galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

Best of the New York Auto Show

#NYIAS: FORGET The Rest, Because WE Have The BEST! 001's Cream Of The Crop From The New York Auto Show!

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