Since we heard about Ferrari switching from its lovely naturally aspirated motors, we've been a bit concerned — like everyone else — how its motors would sound. One of the most lovely parts of a Ferrari is how they sound.

While the Ferrari F40 benefited from a turbo set up, the thing sounded beastly. These days, cars with forced induction sound a bit...muted. While Ferrari's promotional clips have studio audio piped in, we wanted to hear what it sounded like in real life. Now we know. Problem is that these prototypes or customer cars are being driven at low speed so we don't hear it really open up.

Now, here's a cool bonus. At this stage Ferrari has only shown us the 488 GTB, which is a coupe. Guess what we have for you here: the first video and sighting of the 488 Spider. Note the black car's back end. Although you won't notice at first, if you take a close look you will note the rear deck as well as the flying buttresses. New to the 488 Spider will be what appears to be an OEM glass engine cover.

Check out the clip below!

When I was in Maranello I saw these 488 while Ferrari was testing them. I wanted to see a 488 GTB, and I did so, as you can see, but I didn´t expect at all to see the cabriolet model, which will be called GTS or Spider, I think...

How do you expect it to be called?

SPIED + VIDEO: SEEN and HEARD! FIRST Real-Life Clip Of The Ferrari 488 GTB's Exhaust And FIRST Sighting Of The 488 Spider!

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