Over the past 25+ years that BMW has been producing M3s, they've all been desirable; however, there are a select few variants that really get the Mphiles going. One of them is the E36 LTW — lightweight.

Built in extremely limited batches in a very specific spec, these vehicles are about as stripped out as they come from the factory. No frills, no power seats and no air conditioning. It's very rare that one of these pops up on the market.

And it's even rarer when one pops up that formerly belonged to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

I recall in Matt Farah's walkaround tour of their facility that he noted within their facility, Walker and Rodas had seven E36 M3 LTWs. It seemed that when one would pop up, opportunistically they would acquire it.

As this vehicle has an outstandingly low 104 miles and given its previous owners, it's no surprise it's fetching a jaw-dropping $199,990 price from Enthusiast Auto Group. According to the listing, a sale is pending. Remember, these are the guys that don't budge on pricing. Not even the slightest.

**To see the FULL listing of the BMW E36 M3 LTW and plenty of images, check it out HERE!

WOW! Take A Time Warp With A MINT BMW E36 M3 LTW From The Paul Walker And Roger Rodas Fleet

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