All-new for the 2016 model year, Honda has introduced the Pilot. While the old Pilot has been given much love, Honda wanted to introduce something a bit more sleek, with better mpg and a better reflection of where the company is going.

Although the controversial front end on the all-new Pilot may be off-putting to some, we suggest you check out the video review below to get a much more well-rounded impression. If you don't want to shell out the bucks for an Acura MDX, this may be your best bet.

Some things that are pretty cool about the Pilot:

- Plenty of storage, everywhere
- Plenty of outlets and places to plug in USB cables
- You can dress up this interior quite nicely, though it will cost you
- "Captain's chairs" for the second row
- All-new infotainment display that's in line with the latest/greatest from Honda
- Very usable interior that is flexible for your needs

If this all sounds like something you're in-market for, check out the clip, below!

The Honda Pilot has been transformed. From a utilitarian box on wheels to a sleek near-luxury SUV the style shift is almost shocking in its departure from the past. Pairing that dramatic redesign with a long list of upgrades, does this latest model have what it takes to put the Pilot at the helm of…

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DRIVEN + VIDEO: Looking For A New FAMILY Hauler? The 2016 Honda Pilot May Be What You NEVER Knew You Wanted

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