Special delivery, care of our friend Toldi! Shot right in the heart of Stuttgart, Toldi has been kind enough to share great videos of the latest Porsche test mules undergoing developmental testing.

While we've been hearing quite a bit about the four-cylinder Porsche Boxster, now you can see it making its way around town. Unfortunately, the sound isn't exactly captured. Clearly the vehicle appears virtually unchanged from the current-gen Boxster. I think if there's any takeaway from this clip, it is that the four-cylinder is likely to land when the Boxster gets refreshed. Stay tuned!

Next up is the next-gen Porsche Panamera. While we've had a slew of photographs of the all-new P car, video is tougher to come by. Although the overall shape looks similar to the current-gen Panamera, if you look closer at the glass you'll note there will be some changes coming to clean up the design. One interesting bit I noticed was the Panamera's all-new rear spoiler. In the up position in this clip, you'll note it appears much larger and different from the current vehicle's design.

Let us know what you think after you check out the clips below!

The brand new barely disguised Porsche Boxster 2015 - 4-cylinder - 981 series - caught in a district of Stuttgart (Germany).

First Porsche Boxster 4-cyliner video on YouTube!

The new Porsche Panamera - 971-2 series - filmed in a district of Stuttgart (Germany).

The new Porsche Panamera - 971-2 series - filmed in a district of Stuttgart (Germany).

SPIED + VIDEO: All-New Clips Of The Four-Cylinder Porsche Boxster And All-New Panamera Running Around Stuttgart

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