While Bimmerfest is a great way to see the latest and greatest BMWs in either stock or tuned up form, it's also become a fantastic place to spot some of BMW's most interesting and unique vintage rides. While there's been a growth in vintage cars for Bimmerfest East, the west coast Bimmerfest always has an impressive lineup.

I'd assume that's because the weather is far more favorable in California for maintaining a vintage ride. THINK: no salt!

Bimmerfest 2015

Now I am not sure how you categorize a vintage ride, but for our purposes here with Bimmerfest, I decided anything pre E30 fit the bill. Leafing through our mega gallery, it's actually surprising to see SO many E30s on the road — most of which have been through extensive modifications.

From the M car that started it all, the M1, to the 2002s, I am pretty sure there's something here for everyone to appreciate. That said, feast your eyes below!

Bimmerfest 2015

#BIMMERFEST: The REAL Stars Of The Show, The VINTAGE BMWs, Come Out To Play!

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