New for 2016 is the Ford Explorer. After being on the market for a few years, the blue oval knew it had to give one of its volume products an update. With many all-new SUVs hitting the market, the existing Explorer just wasn't cutting the mustard.

Now updated for 2016 though the company has provided the Explorer a bit more life. Well, at least that's what we thought.

According to Consumer Reports that may not be the case. Having just taken the 2016 Explorer for a spin, the CR team delivers its first impressions in this brief clip.

It seems pretty clear that it feels while the updates are helpful, the Explorer's underpinnings are starting to show their age relative to the latest all-new SUV offerings in the market. Can Ford hang on?

Updates bring new styling and a new EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo engine to the Ford Explorer. But basic architectural shortcomings of this dated platform still affect this three-row crossover.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Consumer Reports Drops An Anchor On The 2016 Ford Explorer's Parade

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