From what we've heard, Audi is gearing up to deliver a barrage of sport-utility vehicles for the luxury market. It doesn't take an Emmy Award winner to figure out that profits as well as consumer tastes are skewed towards SUVs.

The average consumer does not want to be seen in a wagon and style-conscious buyers do not want to be caught dead in a minivan.

One of the most anticipated Audi SUVs coming soon is the all-new Q6. Said to boast styling inspired by the Prologue Concept, the Q6 will be differentiated from other products in that it will be an electric SUV. While BMW has the X5 eDrive making its debut and the Tesla Model X is expected to some point, the four rings has big plans for its Q6.

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Spotted for the very first time getting a workout on the world famous Nürburgring, the Q6 mule is based off an outgoing Q5. If you are observant though, you'll note there are some interesting changes to the body and chassis. Note the entire chassis is lengthened with the dead giveaway being a bigger B-pillar. In addition, there are fender flares making it obvious that the vehicle will have a wider footprint.

And, is it me or is this mule looking quite squat? While this could be due to hard cornering, it would not come as a major surprise that the all-new Q6 will be low to the ground a la the all-new Q7.

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SPIED: FIRST Snaps Of The All-New Audi Q6 Testing On The Nürburgring

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