In the past two weeks, it seems like spy photographers have been seeing the all-new, next-generation Audi A4 just about everywhere. The car's been spotted all over Europe and, typically, it's covered up in camouflage, head-to-toe.

That's OK though. That's because in the latest series of shots posted to Autocar, the pics are of nice enough resolution where you can make out the details.

While the front grille's design has been known for quite some time, it's a bit clearer now how it will be integrated with the front clip. In addition, the new headlight design is completely different from existing Audis as these seem to be very angular and sharp.

To be straightforward, the side profile doesn't look too dissimilar to what currently exists. When it comes to the Avant, it seems like the four rings phoned this one in. Around the back though, the estate features a more deeply raked rear windscreen and the taillights follow the angular theme.

It's clear the marque isn't going to reinvent its design language with this vehicle. It is too important to the brand's growth, which continues to climb upwards on a percentage basis. This is, more or less, an interim evolution before the Prologue Concept's styling comes into play in the likes of the next-gen A8.

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...Despite being heavily disguised, the estate variant shows some of the design cues already seen on the prototype saloon earlier this year, including the angular LED headlights found on the new TT...

...The styling will be in line with the latest look seen on the new TT and Q7, as opposed to Audi’s next-generation styling seen on the Prologue concepts and due to be seen first on the Q1 and A8 from 2016...

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SPIED: All-New Snaps Of The Next-Gen Audi A4 Avant Bring Us One Step Closer To Its Final Design

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