Last week marked the complete unveil of the 2016 BMW 7-Series. In a super competitive large luxury sedan market, it's a BIG deal that BMW innovates with this car.

Although there's been quite a bit of skepticism on the final product, Agent 001 who was in Munich at BMW HQ for the reveal, reassures me that the all-new 7 is something to behold in real life. And, the best proof of that can be seen in 001's real-life pictures.

For me, it changed my opinion COMPLETELY.

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While the pictures told a greater story, we have to get down to brass tacks. So, how much is the all-new 7-Series going to cost? This is the price break down:

- BMW 740i = $81,300*
- BMW 750i = $94,400*
- BMW 750i xDrive = $97,400*

*Please note: these prices do NOT include title, taxes and fees.

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