Although we'd hardly say the all-new BMW 7-Series is new to us, we do have all-new footage of it undergoing testing in Stuttgart. At this stage we believe you should be well acquainted with the Bavarian's upcoming flagship.

Why? Well, we did do a lot of features and spotlight coverage on the vehicle's debut live from Munich. We showered you with images inside and out and all of the available information we could dig up.

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Here's the thing though. That's not where the engineers stop. For BMW this is merely the beginning. That's because typically speaking the automakers conduct some durability testing post launch.

That's what I think is going on here.

Having said that, take a look for yourself and weigh in below.

**Special thanks to our friend Toldi for passing along this clip!

The new BMW 7 series barely disguise prototype filmed near Stuttgart (Germany).

SPIED On The STREET! BMW's All-New 7-Series Nabbed In Action In Stuttgart

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