Speaking of the BMW 7-Series, I couldn't resist publishing these shots that Agent 001 captured while he was in Munich at BMW's headquarters. If you've wanted to see the heritage of the 7-Series as well as some of the cool cars BMW AG has kept for itself, then look no further.

While anyone can Google the 7-Series and see it age over the years, it's another thing to actually check out the vehicles in the flesh and scope out the engineering details that made these cars stand apart from its competition.

BMW 7-Series

In addition, I am doubtful that many people have been able to show you the ins and outs of the E38 750iL that Agent 007 used for the filming of the James Bond picture Tomorrow Never Dies.

As one would expect, Q outfitted 007 with the latest and greatest gizmos so he could complete his respective missions. And, anyone who appreciates "movie magic" will certainly want to see what's going in the backseat. That's because before BMW was really making cars drivable via mobile device, it was written into the James Bond script. This is how it was actually achieved.

Check out all the great snaps from Munich as 001 takes you to 7-Series heaven.

BMW 7-Series

PHOTOS Galore! Check Out The HOTTEST BMW 7-Series From Over The Years — Even 007's

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