If there's one thing we love about the automotive industry, it's that it continually is evolving. Things one would never think about years ago in the luxury car category are being thought up, it seems, with every product's iteration.

We heard about Audi and its "smell team" with the A8 — its job was to make sure the hides all smelt similar and "matched." We then saw Mercedes-Benz equip its all-new S-Class with a fragrance that could be spritzed through the cockpit via the HVAC system. And now we're seeing BMW join the fray.

And that's why this lovely French woman is standing in front of the all-new BMW 7-Series. A BMW employee of three years, one of her significant products was creating the fragrance for the all-new 7.

As she notes during the clip, her goal was to minimize all inherent scents inside and maximize the fragrance of which buyers will have eight to choose from.

To learn MORE about just how much she cares about the smell of the all-new BMW 7, you've got to check out this clip. Super interesting stuff.

Annabelle from France is a professional scent maker. She worked for three years at BMW to create the smell of the all-new BMW 7 Series. This is her #BMWstory.

VIDEO: THIS Lovely Woman In Front The All-New BMW 7-Series Has One INTERESTING Story To Tell...

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