It's truly amazing what you find cruising the 'net. For those of you who are not aware, major companies sometimes offer different products for other markets. One such example is the Toyota Fortuner.

Based off the rough and tumble Toyota Hilux, which has on plenty of occasions proven how dependable a Toyota can be, the Fortuner is a vehicle offered for select Asian markets. According to what we've heard, these pics were snapped in Thailand.

But if you take a good, long look at the Fortuner you may start to realize something. It would be pretty cool to have this over in the good 'ol U-S-of-A, no? It looks great, has a decent looking interior and would probably make for a nice replacement for the 4Runner. Considering the 4Runner was known as the Hilux Surf, it's clear that there is some Hilux blood coursing through the 4Runner's veins.

As the 4Runner is the company's current bad-ass civilian offering over here, do YOU think this is the next-gen 4Runner?

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SPIED: Completely Unwrapped, This Is The All-New Toyota Fortuner — Is This The Next-Gen 4Runner?

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