If there's one thing we like getting ahead of time, it's the order guides. That's because we know YOU are psyched to see what the next model year brings, especially if you're thinking about buying a 2015 model year versus a 2016 model year product.

It's about that time of the year where the switch over happens. That means you may be able to get a killer deal on a 2015 vehicle, or you can start planning ahead and land the auto of your dreams.

2016 Jeep Wrangler Order Guide

Special thanks to our friend Joshua Stone, we've got our hands on the 2016 MY Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2016 MY Jeep Wrangler order guides.

While you can see what's up with the Grand Cherokee below, I'll briefly highlight the changes for the Wrangler — we're Wrangler guys, you know. These are the big changes for the 2016 Wrangler:

- Black Bear Edition
- Willys Wheeler Edition
- Hard Rock Edition
- New exterior paint colors
- Sahara models receive special trimming and painted surfaces for exterior body panels
- New interior option — olive green leather with tan stitching

In typical Jeep fashion these special edition models are truly unique. Rather than just have trim packages, these each have different 4x4 modifications to suit a different type of use. Make sure to see the specifics about each models axle ratio and how the Hard Rock Edition has massive 32-inch tires stock.

**For the FULL details, scope out the slides below!

2016 Jeep Wrangler Order Guide

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SPIED: Jeep Fans Unite! 2016 Jeep Wrangler ORDER Guide Lets You TRACK The Changes

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