Audi recently took the sheets off the 2016 A4. While most people who saw it said "This is new?" from what we've heard from the folks who have experienced it, the all-new A4 is a much different product than what currently exists.

The technology is all-new and it's dropped some weight. Of course it will be a changed product.

But the A4 is only the beginning.

That's because we've also seen the A5 undergoing testing. In addition, we're now going to share with you the very first shots of the A4 Allroad snapped undergoing developmental testing. While it may be camouflaged head-to-toe, it's easy to see that this Avant's not a standard A4. Check out its jacked-up stance as well as beefier fender flares and side skirts.

While we hope the next-gen Allroad goes back to the original's roots with a proper air suspension for off-roading, we won't hold our breath. Expect this A4 to go up against the likes of the V60 Cross Country from Volvo.

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...Aside from the disguise, at first glance you'd struggle to tell this was the Allroad version of the 2016 A4. But look a little closer and you'll spot the tell-tale signs on this prototype, such as the slightly taller suspension, rugged wheelarch cladding and and more prominent side skirts. The integrated rear twin exhaust also provides a big clue...

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SPIED: The Next-Gen Audi A4 Allroad Gets SNAPPED In Action

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