Over the years I've been happy to meet plenty of automotive enthusiasts. And, like everything, there's variety in approaches and how owners treat their rides.

Some enthusiasts see a vehicle as simply a way to get from "A" to "B" but love working on do-it-yourself modifications. Others believe being an enthusiast is about putting as many of their hard-earned dollars into the vehicle and getting it to the track. Hell, some think being an enthusiast is doing timed rallies.

On almost every given subject you can come across a fiery debate. Take, for example, breaking a car in. Every one has an opinion and every one has a different theory. My advice? Follow the vehicle's manual.

Another area that seems to get a bit heated is tires. Some say a tire, is a tire, is a tire. Slap something on, wear them out and the cycle continues.

Well, as I found out this week after one bent forged O.Z. Ultraleggera rim and a tattered Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire, that's not the case. To me, a wheel and tire is the most critical part of a car. So, I ordered an all-new O.Z. Ultraleggera and four all-new tires.

I spoke to some of my friends and they said I was being overkill. Just get the rim straightened and put on two new front tires. Others said I did the right thing.

Having said that, I want to hear what YOU would have done: would YOU have SKIMPED on the tires, OR would YOU have gotten all-new rubber for each corner AND purchased an all-new rim to replace the bent one?

WHICH Vehicle Owner Are YOU? Do You SKIMP On Tires Or Do YOU Treat It As The MOST IMPORTANT Part Of A Vehicle?

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