Since the debut of the all-new, second-generation Audi R8, there's been a tremendous amount of questioning over two specific points.

1) Why isn't there a gated manual option? That was one of the things people ADORED about the original.

2) Will there be another engine option, or "entry-level" R8 up for grabs? The V8 R8 was loved for its grunt but also because it was available in the low six figure price range.

In recent weeks rumors have crept up suggesting that a 2.5-liter five cylinder would be slapped with a supercharger and be the go-to, economy R8. Although the jury's still out, Car Advice from Australia recently spoke with Audi's Head of Development for V6, V8 and V10 engines, Jurgen Konigstedt.

His comments follow:

...“At the moment I would say no,” said Jurgen Konigstedt, Audi’s head of development for V6, V8 and V10 engines, when CarAdvice posed the question at the international launch of the new R8 last week...

...“The performance potential of this current engine means we don’t need to even look at turbocharging at this point. Do we actually need the power that turbocharging would generate? I would say no. If you want to create an engine that makes this much power, you have different options to realise that power figure. Natural aspiration has the bonus of giving you the sound, the throttle response and the sensation of revving cleanly to redline,” he went on to explain...

Now I don't want you all to think I am sitting here wearing a tin foil hat, but you have to admit that his comments aren't exactly clear. What is clear is that he's speaking about the V10 motor. And considering he isn't in the business of developing five cylinders, I would still consider that a potential powerplant for the R8.

That said, what say YOU, Spies?

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