This is news that's truly disturbing.

For Jenson Button and his wife Jessica, it's been a particularly bad week. Not only were they burglarized as they stayed in a rented villa with friends in Saint Tropez, France, there's the possibility that the thieves used an anaesthetic gas to keep the occupants sleeping. Not only was nearly $500,000 in items stolen, the BIG insult was that the caper's biggest grab was Jessica Button's engagement ring.

According to reports, the McLaren driver felt ill the next day and blood tests were ordered to verify if his wife and guests were gassed. Investigators are skeptical, but it isn't outside the realm of possibility.

I mean, how else would two burglars work their way into a villa with multiple people staying without waking anyone?

The good news out of this unfortunate situation is that no one was harmed.

Two men, who stole jewellery including Jessica's engagement ring, may have pumped gas through the air conditioning before Monday's break-in, he said.

The spokesman said they were unharmed but "unsurprisingly shaken".

But medical experts said they were sceptical that burglars had used gas in the raid on the villa in Saint Tropez.

The Sun newspaper reported that valuables worth £300,000 were stolen...

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Disturbing Reality As F1 Driver, His Wife And Friends Possibly Gassed THEN Burglarized To The Tune Of Nearly $500k

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