This week Mercedes-Benz finally dropped the curtain on the all-new C300 and C300 4MATIC Coupes. As a lot of eyeballs have been keeping an eye on this vehicle's development, it is a big deal.

And, as we predicted, after seeing tons of spy shots and pictures of the vehicle exposed, it is a very similar look to the flagship S-Class Coupe. Some may think this is genius, others may think this is a bad move.

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Well, it can be considered genius because all of the plebeians that can't afford the six figure S-Class Coupe can now get as close to it as possible via the C. It can also be considered bad because now the S seems to lack a truly differentiated exterior design.

There's no question that both Benzes are beautiful products. The question, however, is if this design has diluted the S-Class Coupe's swagger. So, has it?

What say you, Spies?

The all-new 2017 C-Class Coupe will seduce your senses with its alluring exterior, richly appointed interior and advanced technology. Featuring standard LED headlights, Panorama Sunroof, Sport Suspension, KEYLESS START and more, the C300 Coupe and C300 4MATIC Coupe elevate expectations of what a modern luxury car should be. Learn more about the C300 Coupe and C300 4MATIC Coupe in this video. European model shown.

Pebble Beach Concours Weekend

Does The All-New 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe Look TOO GOOD For Mercedes' Own Good?

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