As the U.S. auto industry technically lost a small amount of new vehicle sales volume in August 2015, sales of the unappealing Cadillac ELR plunged 77 percent to the car’s lowest monthly total yet.

In fact, August 2015’s collapse of the Volt-based ELR’s sales comes precisely one year after the ELR reached its best-ever monthly volume.

196 ELRs were sold in America in August 2014, a figure which decreased by 85 units the very next month and by 151 units a year later.

Over the course of the last nine months in which Cadillac has reported year-over-year change for the ELR — the range-extended electric went on sale at the end of December 2013 — sales have never fallen this sharply. Indeed, over the first five months of 2015, ELR sales were far healthier, relatively speaking, than during the same period one year earlier. ELR volume more than doubled in January, February, and May and jumped 81 percent through the end of May.

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Cadillac Sold Only 196 ELRs In August - What Would It Take To Put One In Your Stable?

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