In the world of supercars it's pretty tough to top the likes of the Porsche Carrera GT. Not only was it powerful, it was extremely lightweight.

If that already didn't make it desirable, it is considered one of the last great analogue supercars. In other words, it was old school and featured a manual gearbox. The end result of this formula? Porsche built a vehicle that was not easy to drive.

Not only has it been involved in some high profile fatal accidents, it has plenty of folklore of taming drivers trying to do their best Michael Schumacher impression. Of course, this means it has built up a significant amount of mystique around its presence.

So, what's the Carrera GT really like to drive? Find out below as someone strapped a camera to their skull and hopped behind the wheel of a straight-piped Carrera GT.

Damn, what a car! We were lucky enough to get our hands on this crazy sounding Porsche Carrera GT with straight pipes. Thanks to this video you can get an idea of how it is to drive this Porsche!

VIDEO: This Is What It's Like To Drive A Straight Piped Porsche Carrera GT — Dial UP The Volume!

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