Driverless cars are designed to cut down on traffic accidents, but that hasn’t stopped human-driven cars from crashing into them anyways.

The California DMV just published all of its driverless car accident reports online—low-speed, minor fender-benders, with human error to blame. But there is a common thread besides human dumbassedness in the reports: Driverless cars can be overly cautious.

In traffic conditions where people are used to more aggressive traffic, the clash in driving styles could create conditions for fender-benders like these. And these accident reports highlight how that can happen. In an April 2015 report, a driver bumped into an automated Google car after the driverless car came to a stop while “creeping forward” on a right turn, because it detected another vehicle near the intersection.

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California DMV Report Attributes ALL Google Car Wrecks To Software Programming

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