The Ferrari 488 is the latest expression of attainable performance. Well, assuming you have about a quarter million USD to spend on a sports car.

It's been fascinating to see Ferrari take its mid-engined offering and, over time, develop it into an outright monster. Now with over 650 horsepower thanks to the power of turbocharging, there's no question it will be fast.

But, has the 488 LOST that special bit of character that made it so lovable? And when the company takes the top off does it still keep its integrity? Only one way to find out...

Auto Express recently spent time with the all-new 488 Spider on some of Italy's finest roads to let us know all about the details. Check out the publication's clip, below!

How do you make the Ferrari 488 GTB supercar even more exciting? The roofless 488 Spider has the answer.

We already knew the 488 was good, but the stunning Spider adds another layer of involvement to the driving experience. With the folding hard-top stowed, it gets you closer to the sound and speed of the car’s explosive V8. Yet it’s just as usable every day as the coupe. At £204,400, the Spider isn’t cheap, but for ultimate high-performance, wind-in-the-hair thrills, the Ferrari is almost unrivaled.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, What Happens When You Take The Roof Off The All-New Ferrari 488 Spider?

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