All eyes are on Tesla and its stock, once again. Since the company had its initial public offering (IPO) it's been a wild ride. And it seems that the equity is not going to get any less volatile any time soon.

This is great news for traders. Investors, not so much.

Yesterday, shares of the electric automaker rocketed upwards of 11+ percent. For a one-day move that's pretty rare. Especially when you consider that this company just announced it had a Q3 loss.

So, why the move?

According to a UBS analyst it's due to positive Q4 guidance on deliveries — you can thank the Model X for that.

Having said that, what's the move for YOU? Are you BUYING, SELLING or HOLDING?

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Nov. 4 -- Colin Langan, UBS Securities analyst, explains why Tesla shares are surging despite the company's third-quarter loss. He speaks with Bloomberg's Betty Liu on "Bloomberg Markets."

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Shares Of TSLA Rocket Up Even Though It Had A Q3 Loss, But WHY? Are You BUYING, SELLING Or HOLDING?

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