If you didn't get the chance to see Agent 001's handiwork from this week's 2015 SEMA Show, we've got to bring you up to speed. The biggest show for aftermarket modifications and tuning happens in Las Vegas but if there's one thing that won't be staying in Sin City, it's this event.

In true AutoSpies fashion, 001 covered the event from top to bottom.

2015 SEMA Show

After being there for only a short period of time, he made a very astute observation: it's almost as though cars don't matter anymore. Although it's only a guesstimate, more than 70 percent of the vehicles at the show were sport-utility vehicles and pick-up trucks.

Considering we've been in attendance for years, there has been a very clear change in the SUVs/trucks to car ratio.

Now if you're going to be bringing an SUV or truck to this type of event, you better make sure it's a little bit off the charts. That means it's going to have knobby tires, a jacked-up stance and all sorts of other modifications to make it a bit more show-y and a bit more badass.

Need a better idea? Then check out 001's shots from the 2015 SEMA Show. They'll clear this up REAL quick.

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2015 SEMA Show

#SEMA2015: SEMA Show DOMINATED By RAISED SUVs And Pick-Up Trucks — See The BEST And Craziest Here!

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