Now if there's one thing that the SEMA Show is known for, it's over the top and kooky builds. Well, Spies, wait no further. This thread is for all of the wacky stuff we saw at the 2015 SEMA Show.

This includes the new stuff, the vintage rides and everything in between.

2015 SEMA Show

Essentially, what I did was leaf through the entire gallery and pull out the cars that stood out to me for a variety of reasons. Either there we modifications that made me scratch my head or there were some suspect decision making on behalf of whoever led the build. In addition, I made sure to throw in several shots from the show — people, stands, etc. — that would make you think we're at the San Diego Comic Con.

So, buckle up, Spies. We're going to take you on a helluva trip now.

The 2015 SEMA Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

2015 SEMA Show

#SEMA2015: Let's Get WEIRD! See The SEMA Show's CRAZIEST And Most Head-Scratching Builds!

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