Well, things just got a lot more interesting this week with the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crash heard around the world about two years ago now.

While Walker's daughter, Meadow, filed a lawsuit against Porsche not too long ago, it seems that Walker's father, Paul Walker III, has joined the fray with a similar lawsuit. Again, it is against Porsche. The reasoning? According to CNN, this is the latest:


...Walker's father, Paul William Walker III, argues the car should have had electronic stability control, a common feature in many cars today. It also charges the side door reinforcement was made of weaker materials than what is found in mass-market cars such as the Honda Civic.

According to the suit, the seat belt design trapped Walker after the crash, and that he was alive until the car burst into flames 1 minute and 20 seconds after the crash...

I can tell that the automotive community, who wasn't thrilled with Meadow's effort, is not having the latest suit. While we can all agree that it was a terrible event that punctuated two gentlemen's lives, the evidence is very clear of two things:

1) There was excessive speeding on a road specifically marked as a 45 mph road — The Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) investigation concluded that the vehicle may have been traveling at about double that.

2) The red Carrera GT involved was shod with rubber that was not only nine years old, they were not Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that Porsche had explicitly informed owners to equip their vehicles with.

While we hope that the Walker family finds closure in some form or fashion, there's certainly one guarantee: it will not come in form of a check, especially when the responsibility of the crash falls on two parties — the two occupants.

**Here's a throwback link to a story I did back in 2013 looking at the Carrera GT a bit closer.

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Deja Vu?! Paul Walker's Father Files A Suit AGAINST Porsche For His Son's Death — Really.

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