If you have amassed a fortune grand enough to afford a Bentley Mulsanne Speed, well then my hat is off to you. Well done!

But for the common folks who do not have the chance to get behind the wheel of vehicles costing upwards of nearly $400,000, I do like to photograph as much of them as possible. Of course this assumes the weather and timing is in my favor.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed

When it was my turn in the Mulsanne Speed, all the stars aligned.

So, I made sure to go through the vehicle in as much detail as I could to bring you the very best photos. The only thing I missed is the trunk, which had two HUGE umbrellas attached to the rear wall — doh!

As noted in my review of the Mulsanne Speed, it is more of a vehicle to be driven in. And you'll seen in the images below that this vehicle was specified as such. Note the entertainment system that not only installs two monitors in the front seat head restraints, but also includes two picnic trays that have embedded iPads with keyboards. In addition, there's a set of headphones for two rear seat occupants.

But, that's not it. In addition to the rear seat controls there is also a remote so passengers can have full control of the vehicle's infotainment unit. If you think that's it, just wait. There's MORE. I'll let you scope out the pics below in detail.

Think of it as a game of Where's Waldo just that it features one of the world's greatest luxury sedans.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed

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