I think I've made it perfectly clear over the years I've contributed to AutoSpies that I am a sound guy. Whether it's fast or slow, sound matters to me.

It matters a lot.

That's because when you're grabbing a gear — or more likely these days, a paddle — you want to be brought alive. A bad sounding engine and exhaust note just won't fulfill you. And believe you me, I know. I've been there.

While Agent 001 posted a nice, all-inclusive review of all five generations of BMW M3, when I saw this clip I knew I had to bring it to the Spies attention. That's because it puts all five generations back-to-back for a sound off.

Though each of the vehicles appears — and sounds — to be modified in their own way, I think it's still a nice way to capture the essence of each generation. Having said that, WHICH M3 do YOU think sounds best?


VIDEO: SOUND OFF! Which BMW M3 Sounds BEST To YOUR Ears? E30 vs. E36 vs. E46 vs. E92 vs. F80

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